What to Do When Things Go Wrong

My laptop betrayed me.

I got up to finish two articles that I need to upload for my part-time job, put the new Weezer album on my iPod, transfer a TV series from my external hard drive to my phone, and write a chapter in my book.

However, my laptop decided it needs to have a Windows update. After roughly 10 minutes of waiting, it displayed this message:

Laptop Fail

Alas! It failed, and it had to revert the changes. I was expecting another 10 minutes of waiting, but no. 45 minutes after, it’s still showing that message, and I can’t do anything about it.

A friend of mine was online, so of course, I ranted. I was such in a good mood because so many happy thoughts were coming to me and I was ready to write them all down.

Then my mood shifted just like that. This is what an hour of waiting does–it throws people off! I told my friend I want to kill somebody, but she said I should chill and just write on a notepad, so I’m now writing using my cellphone (which is really hard but what choice do I have).

Hindrances. Failures. Disappointments. What do you do when these three come during the time you’re most happy, driven, and ready?

It sucks, right? But life will always present you with this kind of situation.

Things, or more so, people, can let you down. Sometimes, there will be a disconnect or imbalance between you and the people you count on. Sometimes, your expectations can be shattered. Sometimes, you’ll be left alone, even stranded on your own.

But it really is nobody’s fault. People are just naturally different. The way we think, feel, and act aren’t always in sync. So it really is a waste of energy to be frustrated when something goes wrong. Instead of trying to find someone or something to blame, why don’t you just gain control over the situation?

1.) Breathe. Inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. Do this until you feel calm and your heart rate is back to normal. This will help you lessen the physical irritation you’re feeling, which is the easiest thing to alter.

2.) Think Happy Thoughts. Close your eyes and recall the last thing that made you laugh or the last delicious food you ate or the celebrity you’re crushing on. There are happy thoughts anywhere, all the time. They just get drowned whenever there’s a bad situation going on. Search for them, think about them, focus on them.

3.) Play Music. Play some Lady Gaga and dance your heart out, or a laid-back track with uplifting lyrics, or if you’re into it, a metal song and scream your lungs out to release the tension inside.

4.) Talk to Someone. Tell someone what just happened or what you’re going through, but don’t settle on the problem. Let them help you come up with solutions or start a completely different topic. The feeling will pass by after a while.

5.) Do Something Else. If there’s really no solution or other choice, then just channel that anger or irritation to something else. Why waste time feeling negative? If you can’t do something to change a bad situation, then just leave that situation altogether and pursue another thing.

These are easier said than done, but with practice, you’ll easily get rid of those unnecessary negativity to give way to more productivity and peace of mind.

There’s always a good side, you just have to move a wee bit to see it.

(After 30 minutes of writing this, my laptop is still stuck in reverting mode. It’s time to sleep, I guess.)

You? What do you do to get over an irritating situation? What do you do to get the negativity out of your system?

(Photo Credit: Ura Armetra)



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