El Nido and Puerto Princesa in Pictures

Palawan, to me, has always been that interesting area at the bottom left of the Philippine map. Never have I imagined going there, because I’m simply not an adventurous soul. Well, that all changed this year when I had a change of heart and fell in love with nature; beach, mountains, and all that. Four days was so short and I had to divide it to El Nido and Puerto Princesa, two cities that offer just so much beauty and many experiences. I enjoyed my stay and fell in love with the place. Two days after, I’m writing this blog post and missing it already.

Anway, here are some of the most memorable pictures I took (excluding three) during my stay in Palawan. I hope I did a better job, but still.

Quick snapshot I took on the way to the plane.
First stop in Puerto Princesa was Heavenly Desserts because we were craving for some breakfast food and sweets. That’s Rousselle in the picture, charging her phone. We just met because of this trip. Actually, I met seven new people because of this trip. I’m so glad to have experienced all these with quite an amazing bunch of people. ❤
So the sun decided not to show up during our island hopping tour. Anyway, I was still amazed at how clear the water was. I fell in love right then and there. (That’s Helicopter Island from a distance)
Our first stop, 7 Commandos Beach, moments before the rain decided to pour down on us.
And so it rained, we got cold, so we drank some liquor and took a picture. (Photo Courtesy of Natalie de Guzman)
Shimizu Island, or what we call Jimmy Choo. Haha. It’s my first time to snorkel and, truth be told, I was scared as hell!
Underwater shot from Natalie de Guzman.
On the way to Big Lagoon. Our very inconsiderate boatman decided to stop here and make us walk to see the Big Lagoon. The rain started pouring hard again while we were walking.
On the way to Small Lagoon.
Going back to the city. The tour was rushed, thanks to our very inconsiderate boatman. Nonetheless, we still had the time of our lives. El Nido is a beauty like no other. I will definitely be back to tour the rest of the islands.
Chilled for a bit at V and V Bagel after our tour. I decided to take a shot of the place. There’s the whole crew frowning for an unknown reason, except for the always camera-ready birthday boy.
Pathway to Las Cabañas. There were wet spots, so it became a mini obstacle course for some of us. The challenge became official on the way out of the beach, because we decided to stay after the sunset. Good thing our cellphones have flashlights, so we got out safely.
Palm trees serving as the “welcoming committee” of the beach. It was a grand view!
A kid (probably a local) playing with sand with his pail and shovel. He didn’t care about us at all. Haha.
A tablecloth and some candles will make this a perfect spot for a date, won’t it?
Panoramic shot of Los Cabañas.
The complete birthday crew of Raul just before the sunset! Don’t we all look so radiant and happy? (Photo Courtesy of Third Umali)
What. A. Great. View.
Tri-colored sky just after the sunset. Even more beautiful in person!
We had dinner at Art Café. They have delicious food and the ambiance is just superb. My only issue was they require you to leave your footwear outside the restaurant, but the floor was dusty.
Back to Puerto Princesa. Half of us went to the Underground River. I stayed behind because I thought I’d just wait until January to tour the area. The rest of us including me went to Inato to have lunch, the market to buy pasalubong, Crocodile Farm, and Baker’s Hill.
Say hi to Marilyn Monroe!
Baker’s Kitchen at Baker’s Hill, Palawan
Ihawig Firefly Watching. My best-kept memory in Puerto Princesa.
Our last stop before heading to the airport was to have lunch at Inato, again. I think we got addicted to their delicious and savory roasted chicken. IT’S THAT GOOD.

You leave the place, but the place doesn’t leave you. My life will never be the same after Palawan. I know there would be days when I would just close my eyes and imagine myself being their again, hearing the sound of the waves and feeling the heat of the sun. I’m in love, and I’m just so grateful to have seen the beauty of this place, and to have experienced those life-changing moments. See you again.


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