Say, Then Do: How to Turn Motivated Words Into Purposeful Actions

Are you bursting with passion and longing for your dreams to come true? If yes, you may be asking yourself: how am I supposed to get to the finish line?

We all want to make a difference and leave a dent in this world. Knowing how to do it is just as important as why you are doing it. Make a decision, today. It’s time you stop dreaming aimlessly and start working hard for your dreams to actually happen.

Declare Your Dreams at the Top of Your Lungs

To succeed in something, you must first know what it is exactly. The biggest dreams will make you feel overwhelmed, nervous, and afraid. That’s okay, because these dreams are the ones that truly count. But right now, you have to shake it off. Forget how powerful the pressure is, and just dare to declare.

Don’t just dream with your eyes closed and your faith concealed. Believe, and then declare what you want to make happen. Declare it loudly, freely, and happily, leaving all doubts and fears behind.

Let Other People Know So They Can Believe In and With You

A misconception some people have is that you have to hide your dreams and passions while waiting for the results. However, letting other people know what you’re chasing after is a testament that you’re brave enough to expose it all—whatever the outcome may be. You’re not worried that you’ll just fail and be embarrassed that you told other people.

No man is an island; likewise, a dream shouldn’t be believed just by you. Build your team of believers, and don’t be afraid to share with them the challenges and struggles you’re facing. Having the support of people who actually believe in your talents will strengthen your belief even more.

Make an Effort to Build Talents That Will Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Now that you’ve surrounded your dreams with faith, it’s time to act on them.

The only way to reach your dreams is to enrich your talents. Stop coming up with excuses and start making an effort to build talents that will help you turn your dreams into realities.

Our days are all composed of 24 hours. The difference doers have against quitters is how they use the hours they’re given every day. Find the drive in you and make time to strengthen and practice your talents.

Push Yourself to Build Habits That Will Strengthen Your Passions

If you’re really passionate about something, then working for it wouldn’t be hard to do. In fact, it would be easy. All you have to do is rid yourself of life’s distractions and enjoy making time to cultivate your talents.

We live in a fast paced world full of technological distractions that are always readily available. You must first admit to yourself that you are distracted, and then identify what are distracting you. Only then will you have power over them.

Make a concrete plan to renew your habits and get rid of the unfruitful ones. Plot out your day and schedule an hour or two to focus on nurturing your talents. Because honestly, the only way you can live your dreams is if you take time to feed your passions.

Revel On Your Purpose

Once you successfully build the right habits that will benefit your dreams, it’s time to revel on your purpose.

Forget everyone’s expectations—even yours—and just keep on doing what it is you’re passionate about. You’ve come a long way: believing, telling other people, developing your talents, and building the right habits. Now is the time to just enjoy your progress and keep on going until you reach your dreams.

Don’t pressure yourself thinking about the outcome of all your hard work. Just believe in your purpose and your passions, and the results will come after. Always choose to be happy and hopeful so you could enjoy the whole process, no matter how challenging it is.

Time to Act

You can read all the motivational articles in the world, hear encouraging words from your friends, and take advantage of all connections you have, but in the end, only you can make your dreams come true. Now, get up out of your seat and conquer your dreams, one step at a time.

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2 thoughts on “Say, Then Do: How to Turn Motivated Words Into Purposeful Actions

  1. Hi I came to your blog through Jeff Goins 21 day blogging challenge on FB. Totally agree with you that we can dream as much as want but if we don’t take action we will never make them come true.

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