Are We Any Better Than Street Children?

On the way to work today, I listened to Mo Twister’s radio show. He asked a question that goes like, “Do these corrupt politicians still feel something upon buying their fifth homes?”

He was right. When you buy your first home, it will feel surreal; maybe even one of the best feelings in the world. But when you got your money by being a thief, how would you feel when you make major purchases left and right?

The only thing I could say to myself that moment was “Wow.” I don’t want multiple houses and luxurious cars. One is enough for me. But why are these corrupt politicians so greedy? What kind of monster are they?

I feel pity for them, because they keep feeding their own holes at the expense of their countrymen.

I feel pity for the Filipinos, because, right now, we have no choice but to keep feeding our leaders’ gluttonous hearts. We are led by stupid, demonic monsters that don’t care how much tax we pay or how long we get stuck on traffic as long as they get their fix.

Poverty would have never been an issue if we were wise enough to choose the right leaders. I try to ignore thinking of politics because it will always only going to make me sick. But I always, always include the Philippines in my prayers. I believe we deserve better.

The other day, we went to McDonald’s. As my mom was parking the car, a street child knocked at the car window. We gave him candies, and he left in a snap. My younger sister said, “Ganyan talaga yung mga pulubi, ‘no? Hindi marunong mag-thank you.” I replied, “Ganyan nga sila.”

I also encountered another street child while I was in a jeepney. He had a simple monologue, which goes something like, “Hindi po ako nagnanakaw, nanghihingi lang. Kasi naniniwala po ako na masamang magnakaw, pero walang masama kung hihingi po.”

I don’t ever give anything to these kid, but this time, I got seven pesos ready to give this one. However, I forgot to give it to him and just realized he was no longer in the jeepney. He deserved those extra coins.

As I look back tonight, I suddenly realized that they’re just doing their “job.” They don’t go to school—how could they? What they do day in, day out is ask other people for food and money. I don’t know when they stop doing this or if they ever stop, but this is their life. It’s their day job.

I asked myself, am I thankful for my day job? I don’t think so. In fact, I have a lot of complaints.

I suddenly realized that I am just like a mere street child, doing my job and playing my part, without even saying thank you at the end of the day. I don’t ever say thank you for the opportunity to write (I’m a Copywriter) in exchange of money that will let me buy some clothes and go to different places.

Just like the politicians who I think may feel nothing after their senseless procurements, maybe the street children also feel nothing when people give them some extra coins. Who can blame them, though, when they have very little to be thankful for?

But one thing I will always admire about these kids (most of them) is they can still smile no matter how unimaginably hard their situation might be.

So, to answer my chosen headline: I don’t think so.

We are no better than street children, because they survive no matter how little they have when we, in comparison, find reasons to complain no matter how much we have.

Our corrupt politicians are no better than street children (I just won’t say anything else, we all know why).

The next time you have a complaint at work, why not stop and just be thankful that you actually have work? The next time you see street children, why not look them in the eyes and give a smile, some coins, or some food?

I hope we all find ways to make a difference for our nation. I hope these kids make it.

(Photo Credit: Business Pointers)


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