Ready for More: Big B Burgers, Maginhawa, QC

My first visit at Big B Burgers was really satisfying because of the good food and great ambiance. The look of their restaurant is very rugged, dominated by black and white, so I was surprised to hear a song from my favorite artist, “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson. They also played even poppier songs, which was quite amusing to me. Usually, a restaurant’s playlist matches its ambiance, but with them, “it’s complicated,” I think. 🙂


The restaurant has been reorganized and improved, maybe because they’re starting to get popular. The menu is now printed and posted above (I forgot to take a picture), unlike during my first visit when it was just handwritten on their board. Their prices also went up a bit, but still very affordable. The staff was extra friendly to us. Their playlist is still scattered as hell, but the ambiance was still great. This is just a very fun place where you can be carefree. I don’t really know why, it just is. Maybe because there are no doors and the employees are always smiling.

Pink Potion with Feelings (P35)

They offer Pink Potion, which is concentrated pink lemonade mixed with either water or soda (the one “with feelings”). I should’ve ordered the plain one (P20), because I don’t like soda, but the phrase “with feelings” intrigued me and made me do an impulse move. What’s so funny about this is the employee served it to me and asked, “Sir, anong feeling gusto mo? Masaya, malungkot, o nagdadrama?” I picked masaya and he mixed the concentrated pink lemonade and soda, then burst into laughter.

Poutine Ng Ina Mo (P65)
Poutine Ng Ina Mo (P65)

We also ordered Poutine Ng Ina Mo, which is fries with gravy and mozzarella. It’s amusing how the hotness of the gravy makes the mozzarella melt. However, I didn’t like the two ingredients combined. The fries were kind of under cooked, and the gravy was nothing to be excited about. Well, at least I got amused for a few seconds there while the cheese was melting. 🙂 I wanted to try their Takaw Yaki fries, but they ran out of takoyaki sauce when we visited.

BAM! Beef X Spam Quarter Pound (P119)
BAM! Beef X Spam Quarter Pound (P119)

I don’t like bacon, so for me, Bam! is the better burger. I love this burger because no flavor is overpowering. You’ll taste every ingredient, and they mix together to give you this distinct, yummy taste. The highlight for me is still there awesomesauce. I want to give a high-five to whoever invented that, well, awesome sauce.

BIG B: Bacon X Beef Quarter Pound (P99)
BIG B: Bacon X Beef Quarter Pound (P99)

Julex, my partner in crime when it comes to exploring the many restaurants of Maginhawa, ordered the Big B burger. I don’t know what he thought about it. I was busy devouring my burger! 🙂

We kind of interviewed one of the employees. He said they just turned one last July (I’m not sure about this) and they’ll have a bigger space next year because they’ll acquire the area that “Sunny Side” is currently occupying. I hope they keep on growing and branch out to more areas soon. Don’t forget to try eating here the next time you go to Maginhawa.

Big B Burgers is located at 44-B Magiting Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City. Just turn left from Maginhawa Street when you see Mini Stop. They are open every day, from 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM. Check out there menu in Zomato.


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