Broth Brought Us Together in Caution Hot!, Maginhawa, QC

I have yet to eat ramen. I know, I’m missing half of my life. But something about noodles and soup just doesn’t do it for me. I feel like it’s such a waste of money to buy an overpriced bowl of ramen when you can enjoy a meaty burger, cheesy pizza, or sinful cheesecake instead.

However, when I saw a new signage getting installed in front of Big B Burgers, I knew I just have to try that place. So I went ahead and asked my friend, Julex, to go with me.

Their big board!

Caution Hot! Manila is just the usual size for a Maginhawa restaurant. I loved the colors, which are very Asian. The waitress was also accommodating and attentive.

Because they only have six to eight (I can’t remember exactly) tables available, we had to wait for a while. I grabbed the menu instantly to know what they had to offer. As I was busy checking it out, I had no idea Julex was already talking to someone who was alone at her table. That person was Ms. Cathy, and she delightfully agreed to let us sit with her.

People, busy sipping their soups.

Ms. Cathy is a public servant, an advocate of many things, and a yoga enthusiast. The three of us talked about plenty of things, seeing that we all have volunteerism alive in our hearts (Julex and I are volunteer counselors for LoveYourself). Ms. Cathy told us all about her advocacies, even sharing some of her previous accomplishments doing the thing she loved the most: giving. She said that if you really want to pursue public service, you must know and accept the fact that you will never be super rich. What you’ll get is fulfillment, connections, and gratefulness from people around you.

We also talked about health and fitness. She was proud to be 52 years old already, yet still fit enough to gorgeously fit in a tight dress. Yoga is her secret, saying that it brings her happiness, clears up her mind from clutter, and keeps her body in shape.

My Order: Beef, Asam Laksa, Wheat Noodles, First-Degree Burn
Vegetarian, Wheat Noodles, First-Degree Burn
Julex’ Order: Vegetarian, Szechuan, Wheat Noodles, First-Degree Burn

So, it’s time to order! You will be asked what ingredients you want. The main ingredient dictates the price, which is P165 for Vegetarian, P175 for Pork, P185 for Beef, and P205 for Seafood. You’ll also choose what broth (asam laksa, Szechuan, or classic) and noodles (egg or wheat) to be used and how spicy the dish would be (first- to third-degree burn and ultimate burn).

Our orders were ready after only about five minutes, which is quite impressive because it’s only their opening week. Overall, noodles is not really something I’d crave for, but it was a new experience to me, which I liked. Of course, the authentic Laksa in Singapore is still miles better than this, but it was good nonetheless. I used chopsticks even though I don’t really know how. Since I don’t like spicy food, the first-degree burn was just right for me. If you love it really spicy, I’d recommend you go for the ultimate burn.

Kutchay Pork Dumplings
Kuchay Pork Dumplings

We also ordered Kuchay Pork Dumplings, which I loved! The vinegar was wine-like, the wrapper was moist, and the pork inside was tender, juicy, and full of flavors. It was a lot different from the usual pork dumplings and hacao I order in Chinese restaurants, but it is definitely delicious and a must-try. They also have Xiao Long Bao and refreshments (with bottomless versions).

So, this week, why don’t you try a new restaurant? Try a dish you never really crave for. Try talking to a stranger, too, and you might even win a new friend. Dining doesn’t need to be just a gastronomic experience, right? 🙂

Caution Hot! is a spicy noodle house at Magiting Street, Quezon City, that opened just last month, October, 2014. Just turn left from Maginhawa Street when you see Mini Stop, and you will see it just across. 


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