Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work (and What to Do Instead)

(Photo Credit: The Passion Project)

Remember the list you created around this time last year? Your so-called “New Year’s Resolutions List”? What happened to that?

I only wrote down four items, and I was successful on three: travel more, lose control, and be productive. I failed to lose weight; in fact, I gained even more.

Aside from my New Year’s Resolutions, the thing that occupied me the most this year was my Passion Project: writing a book. I just finished writing it today, but I still need to work on many things before releasing it for the world to see. However, I’m also starting to work on my Passion Project for 2015, which I would discuss soon.

In the meantime, you may want to consider scrapping that yearly list you’ve been making and focus on doing only one or two Passion Projects this coming year. Why? Because of these:

New Year’s Resolution: Abstract; Passion Project: Concrete

A New Year’s Resolution list is too abstract. It’s too vague and sometimes too ambitious. It’s focused on the future without acknowledging that there’s a process for you to achieve it. So, as a result, people get impatient, and they just completely forget that they set a goal. Sometimes, it’s also overwhelming. Every change is a process, so you can’t work on 10 things all at once. But with a passion project, everything is concrete. You have your goal, you lay down the steps to make it come true, and you know exactly how you’re going to do it.

New Year’s Resolution: Intention; Passion Project: Direction

Your intentions are clear when you set your resolutions, but the road to make it? Not quite, right? However, with a passion project, your passion is the very thing that will direct you. You’ll experience more and more fulfillment as you go along the way.

New Year’s Resolution: Seeing; Passion Project: Doing

Resolutions give you a vision of what you aspire or aim to be. However, passion projects go way beyond that vision. They take things further by actually helping you focus on making your heart’s desires happen. Passion projects focus on the doing, rather than the imagining.

New Year’s Resolution: Working with What You Don’t Have; Passion Project: Working with What You Have

Usually, resolutions revolve around the things you don’t have that you think you should have or you desire to have. Frankly, this is why a lot of people fail, because working with something you don’t have takes effort that can be tiring.

On the contrary, working with the passion you do have inside of you is rather fulfilling and empowering. It may be hard to start, but your drive will only continue to grow as you progress. Endure it to enjoy it!

It’s time to capitalize on your passions. You know your heart has always longed to do something you may have been afraid to do before. But this year, promise yourself, “I will do this!”

Work with what you have, and the result you’ll reap will satisfy you more than anything. It can even inspire others and make the world just a wee bit better.

Do It!

Faith without action is dead; Goal without passion is dead. Use your passions to make 2015 more productive, ecstatic, rewarding, and life-changing. Do something different not just for yourself. Passions bear fruits, and these fruits are always enjoyed by many.

Watch out for another blog entry next week. I’d try to help you discover the perfect Passion Project for you (if you haven’t yet) and share what steps I took to complete mine. Let’s keep each other winning!


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