People-Watching at Different Parks in Davao

Davao is not mesmerizing by all means, but what I’ve come to know about unfamiliar places so far is they all have something special for each person who visits them.

To me, Davao was special because it was my first time to ride an airplane at night and alone. It was also my first time to travel without an itinerary, so I wasn’t in a rush.

I booked this flight last August just because. But when November 28 came, the day of my flight, I knew this vacation had a purpose. I was so stressed at work, so I needed the four days off. I was also aiming to write the last 2,500 words of my book, so this experience helped me reach that goal.

Here are some pictures of the People’s Park taken on my first day in Davao:

People's Park
Davao City’s People’s Park
There were adorable Santa figures and statues all around the park.
People's Park
This statue is adorable but creepy at the same time. Figures that look like kids harvesting fruits dominated by durian, of course. This was made by Kublai Millan, the most famous prolific artist in Davao.
There are a lot of eagle statues and images in Davao. Here is one.
At the children’s library section of the People’s Park. It was a mess. This place needs more maintenance work, frankly.
Other creepy-faced statues
And more.
To cap the day off, we went to SM Lanang just in time for the fountain show. It was astounding and relaxing.

During my second day in Davao, I decided to explore the city by myself. I just rode jeepneys then went down in random places, and I loved it! The adventure took me to a Chinese restaurant, Davao’s Chinatown, their local version of Bread Talk, a cozy café, the center of the city, and another cozy café. Here are some pictures:

After eating lunch at Mandarin Tea Garden, I went to Abreeza Mall to chill. They were having a bazaar at one corner and kind of hidden part of the mall. I found this cute little café with a socket, so I ordered a cup of White Chocolate Mocha because I needed to charge my phone. I ended up finishing Mitch Albom’s “The Time Keeper” there, holding back tears because I didn’t want other people to see me.
Before I got to the center of the city, I first explored Roxas street. In front of Ateneo de Davao was this group of strikers. They were fighting for the national minimum wage to be raised to P16,000 per month.
At the side of their parish church, the San Pedro Cathedral. I’ve never seen any church with this shape, so I was kind of amused.
In front of the City Hall of Davao.
A statue of Andres Bonifacio in the middle of the Bonifacio Rotunda. Coincidentally, I visited this place during Bonifacio Day itself, so there were flowers all around the statue.
There were three nearby parks surrounding the City Hall: Osmeña Park, Rizal Park, and Quezon Park. The park with most activity was the Osmeña Park, so I spent the most time there, mainly to watch people have fun and interact.
This is the Senior Citizen area of the Osmeña Park. They were having a debate, but I didn’t know what the topic was because they were speaking Bisaya. It was a lot of fun to hear them even though I don’t understand a thing.
Still in Osmeña Park, here are kids playing in the, well, Children’s Playground.
Commemorative Monument of Peace and Unity
This is the Commemorative Monument of Peace and Unity in front of San Pedro Cathedral. It was the most interesting and beautiful statue for me.
Street Art in Davao
I loved that the street art were mostly blue.
My last stop before my friend accompanied me again was at the first branch of Green Coffee. I loved the feel of the place and being surrounded by busy people. I spent more than three hours here just writing for my book and just about anything else.

My third and last day was rather simple. We went to Victoria Plaza, the oldest mall in Davao City. Afterwards, we went to Ponce Suites, a gallery hotel. We capped off the day at G Mall to buy pasalubong and Lyndon’s to taste the world’s worst ribs for the second time.

Gaisano Mall
The Peak, located at the 5th and 6th floor of G Mall. There are great restaurants, sports areas, and a bar here. The place is perfect for sunset viewing.
I bought some pasalubong at the Got Heart community shop. These cement figures by Kublai will welcome you. There are more artworks by Kublai inside the shop.
Bittersweet sunset, hours before I leave Davao.
Of course, my last stop was at Lyndon’s World’s Worst Ribs & Awful Chicken. I still can’t forget how mouthwatering and cheap their ribs are!

Although I didn’t get to visit the most famous tourist destinations in Davao, I still had so much fun exploring the city. I got what I needed for the time being. And I will surely come back for more.


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