Ponce Suites, an Eerie Gallery in Davao City

Ponce Suites is a really creepy place. Even though it’s well-maintained and people actually rent rooms there, there’s this eerie vibe about it. Maybe it’s because of the dark-themed artworks, or the narrow hallways, or the lack of ventilation, or all of those combined. There were even areas that felt like they’ve been abandoned for years.

However, the gallery was still superb. The receptionist said everything that we’ll see inside are all works of Kublai (Millan), the ever famous artist in Davao. His artworks where everywhere – even at malls! Not to blame though, because he’s really talented.

Anyway, here are his masterpieces in Ponce Suites that stood out to me:

Dreamcatcher Sculpture
Another sculpture near the entrance.
The first floor’s hallway. It’s rather narrow and hot all throughout their hallways.
A painting that caught my eye at the second floor.
Another one.
My friend didn’t see why anyone could consider this mess an art. It’s just full of broken pieces of things, but there’s beauty in it.
Another piece of junk, my friend said. I thought this was superb. The metallic colors give it that genius touch.
There were plenty of artworks similar to this at the second flight of stairs. This particular one spoke to me the most.
My favorite part of the staircase.
I love how simple and bland yet creepy and disgusting this part of the gallery is.
I was amazed when my friend said that this was just made out of old foam.
This pillar is everything!
There were two long horizontal frames filled with words, like this one. I was so floored by this. Probably my favorite piece of artwork in the gallery.
Hey, look! These faces are familiar. These look exactly like the statues at People’s Park. Maybe it’s Kublai’s signature style. This is the stairway leading to Café Trascend.
A lonely little figure carrying an old typewriter.



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