Delicious Treats in Davao

To cap off my posts about my vacation in Davao a month ago, let me share my gastronomic experiences through pictures! Don’t you dare miss these if you ever visit Davao. 🙂

First up, Balbacua. My friend Gelaii said this sinigang-like soup is cooked overnight. Beef ligaments are used as the main ingredient.
Lyndon’s World’s Worst Ribs & Awful Chicken
This is 600 grams of baby back ribs for only P250. I was so happy because it was so juicy and soft and awesome, yet so cheap!
Awful Chicken tastes just like ordinary grilled chicken, but they used the barbecue sauce they used with the ribs so it kind of tastes like the ribs. Haha.
So far, this is the best red velvet cake I’ve ever had! Good thing there’s a branch of Green Coffee in Tomas Morato, so I could still have it here in the city.
My friend said you should not miss this when you visit Davao because it’s way cheaper here compared to other places. This is the “panga” (jaw) of tuna and we got it for only P180. It was sinful for a fish, but I think it’s the good kind of oil, so. 🙂
We also went to the (kind of) overrated Backyard Burgers. The burger was good, but nothing special.


Here are some more restaurants and food places I tried and my opinions about them.

Mandarin Tea Garden: The food wasn’t that great. I don’t recommend this.

Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria: They have a Buy 1 Take 1 Pizza promo during certain hours, but their pizza looks and tastes cheap. It was not worth it.

Hollywood Burgers: Technically, I didn’t taste their food. I wanted to try their burgers, but the smell instantly turned me off the moment we entered. It was bad!

Bee Stop: Very affordable and delicious for its price. Must try!

Anniepie: They say their cinnamon is amazing, but it’s amazingly underwhelming.

I didn’t have enough time to visit Outback and Lachi’s, but I’ve heard they are worth trying!


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