Dates, Desserts, and Dreams

Last October, I met up with my college classmates whom I haven’t seen in months. Their first question after welcoming me was, “How’s your love life?”

I was a bit irritated because this is always the first question to be asked every time I see people I haven’t seen in a while.

It’s pretty much a big part of our culture now: love life. Just look at jejemons and their fascination (borderline obsession) with it. Just count how many teleseryes revolve around the theme of fighting for the one you love, how many radio shows encourage people with love woes to call and lament on air, or how many books revolve around solving love problems.

Don’t get me wrong; I myself am a hopeless romantic. But in my opinion, a little too much of this generation’s energy is wasted in finding your perfect match. I know there’s so much more to us than our relationship status, but they’re being kept hidden in dark corners.

It’s time to shed light to our dreams.

Dates, Desserts, and Dreams is my Passion Project this 2015. I want to give the dreams of some friends, friends of friends, people I look up to, and complete strangers a home.

Dates, because I want to get to know people in a way that touches more than the surface. I want piercing conversations, not small talks. I want them to disclose themselves to me and to the world.

Desserts, because no meal is complete without them. 🙂

Dreams, because I strongly believe that dreams deserve to be known, be supported, and be prayed for. Reaching for your dreams is just way easier and more fun when you have other people cheering you on and helping you keep the faith when you can’t seem to take it anymore.

I hope these coming posts inspire not just my date and I, but you as well. I hope these entries spark a fire in you. A fire that will enable you to finally start dreaming, doing, and living.

You’re not alone. Never.

If you want to share your dream through this blog and spend a fun day with me, please leave a message. I can’t wait to get to know you and hear your stories! 🙂


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