Life in a Different Perspective: Creatures from Up Above and Down Below

Two weeks ago, I went to Puerto Princesa City, Palawan for the second time. I got to see more of its wonders since I only spent practically a day touring it the last time I went there (we spent most of our time in El Nido).

You know what, God’s timing is always perfect. I am beyond stressed and overworked, so I needed this getaway to start my February with a bang. The four days I spent away from it all recharged my spirit, as I stand in awe of the beauty of God’s creations once more.

Through tricycle drivers, tourist guides, waiters, and locals, I again got to hear that sound of excitement and enthusiasm Palaweños have about their city. I discovered that there are no factories in Puerto Princesa, making nature safe and protected. It’s always lovely to visit this kind of city; one that doesn’t forget just how its natural beauty made it a popular and sought-after place for tourists to go to.

Let me dedicate my first blog post about my recent Palawan trip to these cute and awesome insects and animals I saw at the Butterfly Eco Garden and the Starfish Island of Honda Bay.

This coral caught my eye because it looks like a trunk of a tree complete with its roots.
Underwater Shot
Seems like they are kissing, but really they’re just fighting for a piece of bread. 🙂
A clearer shot
Next is the Butterfly Eco Garden. I didn’t go here the first time because someone said it was nothing special. I beg to differ. I enjoyed my visit here, even though the place is not that big. The tourist guide was so kind to us and had a lot of info and tidbits about the animals and insects that made us hooked. We even spoke to the owner of the place. He was so humble and accommodating!
A turtle posing for the camera
Some kind of beetle, I think? I forgot. 😐
OMG I can’t get over how cute this bearcat is! There were 2 of them and both were enjoying their siesta time.
This is a millipede. The name means “thousands of feet” but of course, not to be taken literally. 🙂
A walking stick!
A very vibrant caterpillar, on its way to become a beautiful butterfly!
There it is, finding its way out of its cocoon.
This one just got out. They say butterflies hang upside down for about 30 minutes before taking their first flight.

And… Different butterfly species!

blog-garden18 blog-garden17 blog-garden13 blog-garden3

I also tried to recreate one of the most memorable nights of my life by going to the Iwahig Firefly Watching and having dinner at Kinabuchs afterwards. Our boatman Jong captured one of the fireflies and my little sister got to touch it. Seeing it up close was exciting! It’s like an ant, but with a light. Too bad I didn’t take a picture of that wonderful moment.

Being close to nature truly gives you a richer perspective of life. I will always come back to see these beautiful creatures that don’t even know how inspiring they are.


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