Life Launch: A Week of Overflows

A year ago today, I posted the status message below because I was overflowing with so much happiness. It’s all because I dared to say YES to myself: to pursue new possibilities and responsibilities. For the first time, I felt so driven to do things that count and will make a difference.wpid-screenshot_2015-02-22-13-01-22-1.jpgA year has already passed but my life has been continuously overflowing with blessings. I felt so amazingly loved throughout this week, so I’m posting this as a way to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to this glee I have inside myself.


February 15

Last Sunday, I launched my first book, Open. It also felt like I launched my life because after 9 months, I’m finally letting this body of work out for the world to read and scrutinize. Open is an autobiography that focuses on the year that was along with some flashbacks of the most challenging and memorable moments of my life.

Truth be told, I wanted to disappear hours before the launch. I stayed in my bed three more hours after waking up because I didn’t want to face the moment. I wanted to make time stop because launching this book means being vulnerable to every person who reads it. No fear is bigger than that. But of course, that’s just normal to feel that way. I’m still glad this day came.

I can say it has been the best day of my life. People I love were in one place to support me, and I couldn’t wish for more. This is the beginning.

February 16-18

I was still on a high the days after. I started working in the morning shift. My body was still adjusting, so it was difficult to complete 8 hours of sleep. Because 3 editors left last week, the workload was also a challenge. I ended up doing overtime for 3 straight days. I was in the office for as long as 13 hours.

My body became weak, but I was still eager and so very happy because of the posts and messages of my friends. Everyone’s so eager to get a copy of my book. I’d like to apologize if it isn’t available yet anywhere. I’ll do my best for y’all to have your copies!

On Tuesday, I got an e-mail that made me so happy! I got an exclusive invite from CBTL to attend a seminar that aims to help the participants discover what’s special about them and how to use this to give back to the world. I can’t believe it and I am ecstatic to see and hear the speakers.


On Wednesday, I watched “That Thing Called Tadhana.” It was a great movie because it didn’t try hard. It was honest but beautiful, flowing but unpredictable, intelligent but charming, and captivating but unpretentious. I salute filmmakers, writers, and actors who can tackle brokenness with this much precision and rawness.

February 19

Thursday was a laid back day. My group of friends ate out at Brazo and Sancho in Maginhawa after a tiring day at work. Although the food weren’t spectacular, the time we spent with each other made it all worth it!

February 20

TGIF! We celebrated Sir Mike’s (our team leader) birthday with food, food, and food! Although work is always stressful, the kindness of my office mates who I consider as true friends make me want to stay.

After work, my group of friends finally went to our much awaited Banapple date! The food, of course, were delicious. Afterwards, we had coffee in a nearby café. We talked about anything and everything under the sun. What’s even more exciting is we planned out-of-town trips! I love these crazy friends. We are all so different yet we blend perfectly to create moments that are always full of happiness and laughter. We capped off the night by singing our lungs out. We discovered that Alette could actually sing on key, Mont has a voice of a crooner, and letting Nase and Reg sing together is like hitting the fast forward and rewind buttons simultaneously. Haha. We had a blast!

February 21


I started this day by meeting up with Nheslaine so she could finally get my book. I will always look up to this passionate and genuine person. Her friendship is a treasure to me. She’s actually the FIRST person who finished reading my book (I just got a text from her hours ago).


Then, I went to the CBTL #BrewYourBestYear seminar with my friends Raz and Mafe. I invited them because I know they will appreciate this event as much as I will. The 4 speakers shared so much insight that I need to dedicate a separate blog entry for it. Watch out!

I then went to my friend PV’s condo unit to finally catch up with her after 4 months. Then I went out for some drinks with my friends Jan, Raine, Sheena and her boyfriend who’s here for a vacation.

This week full of love, hardship, gratitude, appreciation, pressure, hard work, inspiration, and hope will always have a special place in my heart. Cheers to more winning and “to the great people we will be.” 🙂


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