A True Wonder of Nature: Puerto Princesa’s Underground River

Visiting the renowned Underground River in Sabang, Puerto Princesa has been a dream of mine ever since it got nominated to be one of the New 7 Wonders of the World (It now earned that title!). Last month (February 1), I finally got the chance to visit the place with my mom and sister.

Kids and Boats
The Wharf
Ready for the Boat Ride
Picture Taken Before Going inside the Underground River

Unfortunately, the experience was not as breathtaking as I imagined it to be. Our boatman had a very thick Visayan accent. Since we were with some foreigners, he needed to speak English. That made everything he said quite difficult to understand. I didn’t get to enjoy what my friends and I call “Palawan humor.” We coined the term last October, during our visit here. We call it this because pretty much every tour guide we encounter are ready to tell jokes that are not funny at all. What makes them a little bit funny is the way they deliver it. After the tour, we went to Ugong Rock Adventures and Vietnamese Village. I wanted to try the adventure, but no one else wanted to, so I just didn’t. Here are some more pictures: blog-ugong1blog-ugongblog-vietville2blog-vietville1 Overall, it still was an experience of a lifetime, but I wouldn’t do it again (once is enough :)). Seeing hundreds (maybe thousands) of fruit bats and rock formations that nature itself created is extraordinary enough to make this trip worth it. Don’t miss the Underground River tour when you go to Palawan!

Tip: Don’t book those package deals.

Tricycle drivers offer rates that are way lower. Kuya Jack, a tricycle and van driver who introduced himself to us, can assist you when in Palawan. He helped two of my friends get tours and accommodation in El Nido at lower prices just two weeks ago. You may reach him through 09124058651.


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