Gypsy’s Lair Art Cafe: Out of the Ordinary

There’s something about the word “gypsy” that inspires and intrigues me. I first encountered the word when I was in high school and Ragnarok Online introduced new second job characters and one of them was Gypsy. Then, it became the title of one of my favorite songs, care of Lady Gaga. According to her, she wrote Gypsy for her fans, because wherever she tours, that becomes her home for a day. It’s an eargasmic experience, listening to that song with lyrics that totally pierce the heart.

So, don’t blame me if I got super excited when I heard about this restaurant called The Gypsy’s Lair Art Cafe in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. I didn’t get to visit it during my first time in Palawan, but I didn’t miss it the second time around!

It was so beautiful and eerie at the same time. The colors are dark yet vibrant. The dining experience was great, and it surprised me that it was rather cheap compared to other artsy restaurants here in Manila.

Here are some pictures:

The Art Cafe side
The place is small. Good thing only one other family was there when we visited.
Dolls and horses pretty much dominated the place.
See, horses.
Doll paintings
The second floor, even more eerie.
Frozen biko! I wish the biko was a bit more firm, but the contrast it has with the ice cream makes it a great dessert.
Their cheese quesadilla was also yummy!
Buko pancit. “Is that even possible!?” was my first reaction. Shredded coconut meat served as the noodles. It was surprisingly good!

I will always visit Gypsy’s Lair Art Cafe when I go to Puerto Princesa. Next time, I’d drop by at night just to see how different the ambiance and crowd would be.



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