The Reward of the Foolish

Dreams have been making a fool out of me for a year now.

I am young, wide-eyed, entitled, and spoiled. So of course, I know within myself that anything – absolutely anything – is possible. Because that’s what we do.

We justify that what’s important for us will be important for the world. That’s not a sin, and it’s actually a great contribution for the world we’re living in, the world where we belong.

However, chasing dreams limits you.

It limits you to be confined in a world you already know. It limits you to be trapped in your own delusion that the realities of the other worlds around you become as blurry as a windshield after the rain hits.

But this is necessary. Being a fool for your dreams until you make them all come true is part of our journey into a world where we aren’t the protagonist; where we just walk for a mere second, out of focus, and unimportant.

Now, I am there. Somewhere my voice is undecipherable, where my worth is next to a fly that will die just less than a day after it was born.

And I am okay with that. I want to be here. I need to be here.

My eyes are still wide open, and I think I’m still imposingly entitled to think I deserve to witness more, to live madly, and to be part of immensely monumental things.

I am at a quest for more, every single day of my life. The monotony is boring, and I want to and I will break free.

My point is, don’t be afraid to make a fool out of yourself. Because being foolish can also be a birthplace of new, better things.

Look for things that will make you look stupid. Look for things that won’t make sense to you. That’s the only way to discover more and transcend into worlds you never imagined you can walk in.

Be the audience, and take it all in.


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