Of Letdowns and Wreckages

Come here. I know what you want.

You want a fresh start that’s good enough to ignite a fire inside your mind for you to strive to be better at what you do. You want a new place to spread your wings looking utterly calm even when you’re madly afraid. You want another beginning where you can peacefully be by yourself to finish what you so passionately started.

All these I give and more. All these knock at your door.

But what if all these begin to vanish and wreck you apart to bits and pieces? Will you still be saying your praises just like when I was still fanning the flames of your deepest desires? Will you still be thanking the heavens just like when raindrops of blessings were still falling at your face? Will you still be as eager as you’ve always been when your happiness weigh more than all the fortunes this world can give?

Or would you go where no one dares? Would you run where moonlight glares? Trying to hold on to all your false comforts, not seeing through what complacency brings forth.

Learn, my little child, to face both good and bad with joy directing your eyes. Learn, my valiant warrior, to pierce through every battle you want to win so calmly. Learn, my steadfast student, to look not for the flaws of your allies but the goodness in their hearts. Learn, my chosen one, to not let all the blurs of the world keep you from your ambition.

Make mistakes, then listen and learn. Stop and sleep, then open your eyes.

It’s not how much work you do, never how much knowledge you own. It’s not how much time you waste, never how loudly you rant. It’s not how many days you labor, never how much money you make. It’s not how striking you look, never how witty you sound.

When all is said and done, all that really matters is the kindness in your heart.

And you, my son, are a lucky one, because you’ve been surrounded by wonderful, kindhearted people since day one. Always, always, always remember them. Let their acts of kindness influence how firm you stand for what you believe in, how true the words you say, how much you give of yourself, how much you let others know their worth, and how strong your faith can be.

Because, after all, we’re all just products of who we choose to be.


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