Malaysia Photowalk Series: KLCC

KLCC: Home of the Tallest Twin Towers in the World


I couldn’t count anymore how many heads I saw looking up in amazement at the majestic Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur. No visit in Malaysia is complete without a selfie in front of these humongous towers. Whenever I see people appreciating the beauty of these buildings with a smile on their faces, I can’t help but smile as well. It really is a beautiful sight.

Here are some pictures I took last week in and around KLCC, the home of Petronas Twin Towers.

Upwards they go
With love on the side
Some cat bums nearby
I walk along
From dusk till dawn / They stand so tall / They shine so bright / Heads can’t help but / Look up in awe

(The following pictures are part of Oliviero Rainaldi’s current exhibition called “Twins” at the GALERI PETRONAS.)

“Round and around and around and around we go”
“Oh now, tell me now, tell me now, tell me now you know.”
Limbless and Fearful
“Not really sure how to feel about it. Something in the way you move makes me feel like I can’t live without you. It takes me all the way.”
“I want you to stay”
He said, “If you dare, come a little closer.”
“A cold sweat hot-headed believer”
“I need this hole gone”
“Funny you’re the broken one but I’m the only one who needed saving”

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