Malaysia Photowalk Series: Melaka

Melaka: This Is Home, and Everyone’s Invited

My friend asked me why I love Melaka so much when it’s just such an ordinary place; even Calle Crisologo looks better than it. I didn’t know exactly what to say. All I know is that I feel glad, cheerful, joyous, and every other synonym of happy you can think of when I’m here. Melaka feels like a home away from home. It’s apparent in every face I see of people from all walks of life and all parts of the world roaming around and just having the time of their lives.

I feel it when the Chinese shop for their local delicacies at San Shu Gong at more affordable prices; I feel it when the Caucasians point their DSLRs to capture the lovely sights and moments only Melaka can offer; I feel it when locals welcome me to their different museums, cafes, and shops with a big smile on their faces, even making small talk because everyone can know everyone here; I feel it when I ordered authentic Takoyaki at a stall in Jonker Walk and these two Japanese girls were preparing it for me while conversing like the happy siblings that they are; I feel it when a group of senior citizens doesn’t have a care in the world so long as they can sing and dance their hearts out at the center of the city.

I feel at home here, and everyone I see does, too, I think. Melaka is home, and I will always be in love with it.

Because of the lively festivities and historical sites in and around this World Heritage Site

Christ Church
Like the ever famous Christ Church
Random groups of people owning the Dutch Square for some good ol’ entertainment
People, blue or not
And the Melaka River

Because of moments like these

A father and his three kids roaming around and having fun
A kid seating on a policeman motorcycle while his guardians are taking pictures and cheering him on
A kid seating on a policeman motorcycle while his guardians are taking pictures and cheering him on

Because of the vibrant street art




Because of the many things you can discover within its busy streets

Because of the many shopping options



And Jonker Street

This long and lively street is the go-to place on weekends. You wouldn’t want to miss their unique delicacies!

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