Boracay Valentine

The clouds completely enveloped the sky as the sun gives way to the moon.

What do you do when you are single on Valentine’s Day and you don’t want to feel lonely? Go to Boracay!

Yep. That was what I told myself, but that didn’t really happen. I was lonely and alone that day because out flight got pushed back from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. We spent a good four hours waiting at the airport because of that. It was frustrating because I was already excited to walk the fine white sands of Boracay that day. What an anti-climactic ending for this supposedly romantic day.

We arrived in Boracay at about 2:00 a.m., ate something, and went to sleep. I was trying my best to not be pissed at Air Asia for the delay, but the truth is that’s half day of our vacation gone to waste. Anyway, I had to let go of that bad feeling the day after so I could fully enjoy it.

Day 1 – Parasailing

Parasailing was a wonderful experience! But the promised 15 minutes in the air was cut short to only 9 and a half. It’s so unfair.
I saw this kid playing without a care in the world. Right then and there, I realized I shouldn’t feel any kind of loneliness. I was instantly transported back to when all I ever wanted was what I already have. See, kids can teach us lessons too.


Happy birthday, Open!

Day 2 – Puka Beach

Puka Beach was the highlight of our stay in Boracay. The fine sand, the big waves, and the fun we had were priceless. It was as if every element connived to give us the time of our lives!


Day 3 – Helmet Diving

Helmet diving was pretty underwhelming as well because there weren’t that many fish that accompanied us a few meters below the shore. Still, it was surreal!

I wish I could say more about our trip, but as you may notice, I’ve only written and published this two and a half months after. Some memories are already blurry, but I still thank Boracay for being such a magnificent attraction and for all the waves that healed my broken heart, even for just a few days.


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