Moon Parasite

You’re the mystery that I know completely
You’re the hourglass that never runs out
You’re the sleeping pill that keeps me up
You’re the scent of caution that gives me peace

You’re the glorious flame blazing through my worry
You’re the rushing wave calming down my fear
You’re the planted seed tearing up inside me
You’re the gust of wind fanning me to trance

Oh baby, can’t you see?
Our walls come down so fast
That maybe all we need
Are reasons not to past

Oh baby, why won’t we
Let inhibitions hush
For then we’ll come to plea
Standing strong, at last

Did you run out of hope
For too many airplanes come and go?
Did you lose sight of peace
For pain and heartaches come in threes?

Did you let sorrow thrive
For he has scarred you deep inside?
Did you grow tired of love
For promises seem to always break?

If only I could turn back time
And be with you when words would rhyme
But they won’t, they won’t
The pages torn, there’s no return

If only I could be the one
To make you say yes, come what may
But I’m not, I’m not
You’re only here for a moment

My heart aches for you like pebbles ache for hue
Now you’ve left me blue, said “I’ve no use for you”
Everything you did to make me feel special
Was always just going to end in refusal

And when I woke up from all the haze
Right then I knew it was just a phase
You were only something I conjured
It was all my fault I was allured

You’re the mystery that only knows trickery
You’re the hourglass that keeps on taking
You’re the sleeping pill, only good for a quick fix
You’re the scent of caution I should have fled

You’re the glorious flame that has left me scarred
You’re the rushing wave when quiet’s needed
You’re the planted seed that will never grow
You’re the gust of wind, only comes and goes

I’m on the edge of something brand new
I must admit I fell hard for you
But one good thing I’ve learned from this rue
Was I need patience for me to see through





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