Coffee Shops & Friends for Life: Noriter with Shude

Coffee Shop: Noriter


Noriter is this quirky coffee shop located at Taft Avenue that I’ve seen pictures of way back in 2014, so I decided to visit it then with my friend Julex. We only had a few minutes to spare since we’re running to catch a worship service at Victory, so I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I wanted to.

Fast forward to last week, I finally came back, with Shude, Ate Nikka, and Wico.

With a DSLR camera in hand, we made the most of our visit by practically shooting in every corner of the ambient and colorful café. I thought we were going to have more time to talk about all our hinugots in life (haha), but our time was instead spent taking pictures.

Wico and I ordered the Clubhouse, which was mouthwatering. I loved how much cheese there was and how the tomato somehow made everything blend well. Shude and Ate Nikka had carbonara. They had chocolate and vanilla shakes, while I had a dreamy kiwi shake. I am in love with kiwi and I will always crave it. This one was no exception. The signature sourness of kiwi overpowered the sweetness of the shake. It was perfect and my night was made complete.

I just have two complaints. 1) The Clubhouse didn’t have any chicken spread on it. 2) I ordered a large kiwi shake but they served me a regular. Maybe I was in a forgiving mood so I didn’t mind. If it was any other day, I would’ve complained and got my 30 pesos back.

All in all, I will definitely recommend this café for some alone time with a book or a movie, or for a wonderful bonding time with friends.


Friend for Life: Shude


I met Shude in January 2014 during our Self-Empowerment Training to become counselors. He was a surprise addition, so nobody knew him.He was more timid than me, sitting in one corner, not knowing any other participant, waiting for his time to speak. When it arrived, I was instantly captured by his sweet, tender voice. It’s a voice like no other—so delightful you won’t consider listening a burden. After we all shared our life stories, Shude and I ended up as roommates, and maybe that’s why a friendship started.

When I finally began counseling, I will always look for Shude (because he works at the clinic where I counsel) and be by his side the whole day. He was my comfort zone, my safe place, my base. Until today, I still do that. When he isn’t at the clinic, I feel like the day isn’t complete.

My fondest memory with him was when we traveled together in Cebu almost a year ago. My ex and I broke up, so I gave him the extra ticket. He went to Recto for a fake ID. I will never forget how much I laughed while he was chatting me, telling me how scared he was and how he felt like someone was just around the corner waiting to mug him. Haha. I am sorry but I was imagining it in my head and the thought entertained me. 😛

That trip paved the way for Shude to meet two of my other friends, Abby and Ana. They clicked instantly and up to now are still in touch. I love it when that happens, don’t you? When friends you love meet and then click, too. I feel like that is such a joy because I can never do that. I am too closed off (at first) to actively befriend a friend’s friend. I feel so awkward that I’d rather sit in silence when that happens. Haha.

Going to Cebu brought Shude and I closer together. He is someone who can ask random strangers for directions, so going from point A to point B became easier (medyo user ako sa part na ‘to lels). We rode four jeepneys to get to our hotel, spontaneously went to Temple of Leah while waiting for Abby and Ana, had a very tiring and aimless day in Bantayan Island, swam with the whale sharks in Oslob, got mesmerized by Oslob’s scenic baywalk, then climbed Osmeña Peak out of boredom before going back to Cebu and then to Manila.

Our friendship isn’t built on deep, serious, profound conversations. It is built on trust. Trust that someone is always there ready to listen when you need someone to. Trust that someone is always there ready to get to know you even more than you already do. Trust that someone is always there to understand you, what you’re going through, and why you did what you did. Someone who is always there to remind you about all the good in life simply through his voice, smile, and sparkly eyes.

I hope you have a friend as sweet as Shude. 😀


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