Coffee Shops & Friends for Life: Brinner Café with Danvic

Last year, my friend Danvic went to Brinner Café, a restaurant near UST owned by our friend, Rome, who is a pastry chef. I saw his post about it and told him he should bring me there. A year later, it finally happened! I was spending a few days in Tondo, so I just had to meet Danvic, knowing he lives nearby.

I was so excited to see my friend again, as I always am. Danvic and I don’t hang out regularly or talk to each other every day, but our bond has been and will always be there whenever we do see each other.

Coffee Shop: Brinner Café

(Okay, Brinner Café is more than just a coffee shop. I might have named this series inaccurately. Haha anyway…)

Unfortunately, Rome wasn’t there when we arrived. Nonetheless, it was a pleasure to finally get to dine here. I know how passionate Rome is about baking and cooking, so just seeing his hard work paying off like this already brings me joy.

True to its name (Brinner is a shortened version of Breakfast for Dinner), Danvic and I ordered breakfast set meals. The serving size was generous and the price is more than reasonable. I think that’s why Brinner has been part of Booky’s most popular restaurants in Manila multiple times, because students can eat here and feel full without spending too much. The restaurant was small yet homey, with Pokemon Go as the current interior theme.

We ordered chocolate chip waffles for dessert. While we’re trying to finish it (we were so full already because the serving sizes were really generous), Rome arrived!

It was wonderful to see an old friend I haven’t seen in over a year. It was even more awesome to hear straight from Rome how he established Brinner, how he got caught off guard with its fast and sudden success, how he faces certain struggles as a first-time restaurant owner, and how he continues to thrive and plan to grow and improve the restaurant.

We stayed for about one more hour talking with Rome. More than the fullness of my tummy, my mind and heart were also full, interacting with these two inspiring friends of mine. We ended the night by taking a picture and hugging each other goodbye.

Friend for Life: Danvic

I met Danvic on March 2014 during our training to become counselors for LoveYourself.

I didn’t know anybody that night, and I can still remember Danvic talking with another participant and how jealous I was because they had somebody to talk with and I didn’t! Haha. A few hours later, I didn’t expect that we’ll know each other on such a deep level, as the training required us to share our life’s highs and lows.

That wasn’t the pivotal moment of our friendship, though. It came a week after, when we were paired to be each other’s counselor and counselee. I still remember how delightful opening up to each other felt. I still remember how we kept in touch because we promised that we would be there for each other to help overcome the things we’ve shared. I still remember completely trusting him that day and up until now.

Tonight, we talked about a lot of things, but whatever it is we were talking about, his genuine smile and burning passion for what he does shine through. He is so full of life and I’m glad I can call him my friend.

Danvic is that friend you know has your back no matter what. Danvic is that friend you can share random secrets with because you know they won’t reach another soul. Danvic is that friend you’ll message when you’re drunk, asking him for advice and he will melt your heart because he will make you think everything makes sense again. Danvic is that friend you’ll smile at from a distance because of how proud you are of what he stands for and what he does out of sheer love and passion.

Danvic’s drive is infectious. It will make you want to work harder. It will make you want to be more passionate. It will make you want to do better. His smile will draw you in, his confidence will make you stay, and his warmth will make you feel grateful for every moment you spend with him.

I hope you have a friend as driven as Danvic. 😀

A photo from our Counseling Training on March 2014

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