A Reunion with Baguio, Coffee, and Quietude

There are no set ingredients for a perfect getaway, but a good camera, n cups of coffee, the weather in Baguio, and a friend you can share meaningful conversations with is definitely not a bad recipe.


Gypsy’s Lair Art Cafe: Out of the Ordinary

There’s something about the word “gypsy” that inspires and intrigues me. I first encountered the word when I was in high school and Ragnarok Online introduced new second job characters and one of them was Gypsy. Then, it became the title of one of my favorite songs, care of Lady Gaga. According to her, she wrote Gypsy for her fans, because wherever she tours, that becomes her home for a day. It’s an eargasmic experience, listening to that song with lyrics that totally pierce the heart. (more…)

Color Splash and Lucban Specialties at Bowl! and Brew

I love striking colors, so when I saw Bowl! & Brew, I knew I just had to stop and dine in. There was no customer when my friend and I walked in, and we had the place to ourselves until we left. That gave me an opportunity to observe and see every single detail of the restaurant. There were a lot of lights and the area is way more spacious compared to most restaurants in Maginhawa.


Broth Brought Us Together in Caution Hot!, Maginhawa, QC

I have yet to eat ramen. I know, I’m missing half of my life. But something about noodles and soup just doesn’t do it for me. I feel like it’s such a waste of money to buy an overpriced bowl of ramen when you can enjoy a meaty burger, cheesy pizza, or sinful cheesecake instead.

However, when I saw a new signage getting installed in front of Big B Burgers, I knew I just have to try that place. So I went ahead and asked my friend, Julex, to go with me.

Their big board!